Jonas Brothers ruined my life

I'm not even joking. It's a fact. ~

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Wow… I never thought the rant i made yesterday would get the attention it did. 2 people not agreeing with it & many people agreeing with it. i want to cry. omg.

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nickjonas: End of week one of Navy St. Training camp

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Favorite lyrics from Lines, Vines, And Trying Times

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@nickjonas: End of week one of Navy St. Training camp

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Can you shut up? I'm pretty sure if Joe or Kevin were the ones who went to the boys about the band not feeling right, they would get the same shit as Nick. Actually they do. But god forbid Nick actually gets shit for once in his life. I'm not saying the thing about being sick is right, but each of them are getting shit every time they tweet something. Not just Nick. Also, people think what you said about Olivia, about Blanda too. Olivia isn't the only gf getting hate.

Joe & Kevin don’t get a shit for the band breaking up. Everyone is up Kevin’s ass because Alena was born and up Joe’s ass because Blanda is the new called queen (rofl). If you actually check their replies, Kevin’s are congratulating him for Alena or asking him about her, or about Danielle. Joe’s are about Blanda and asking him for new projects… while Nick’s are complaining about the band break up, he’s a band wrecker & making every damm tweet he posts about the band breaking up. they’re actually hating on HIM. And yeah, many people hate both, praise both; but imo, lately Blanda does sketchy shit (having articles about her hair done on her b-day and writing articles about coachella for E!) plus she and Joe have candids even twice in a day, and people think it’s okay while if Olivia posts a selfie of her and Nick she is thirsty and is showing off the fact that he is her boyfriend….

So, yeah… :) 

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Every time Nick tweets something most of you have to make it about the band break up… Can you fucking not? Like, when he tweeted he had his best numbers of diabetes i legit saw a tweet saying: “you deserve being sick for breaking the band!.. ARE YOU THAT OF A CUNT?

No matter what he tweets/wants to share with us, most of you have to be bitches to him. i don’t fucking care if you’re “joking/not being serious”… He does see through his replies. He can’t even tweet without little brats complaining about the band… a band which broke up almost half-a-year ago. 

But God forbid someone hates on Kevin, because he’s now a dad, oh my god, no. He & Danielle are untouchable. 

Also, Joe hasn’t any guilt here either. lord no. And hell will break if someone is mean to the new found ~queen~ of this fanbase (according to some of you, lol) Blanda, omg no; everything she does is fab, cute, and perfect.

But Olivia is a devil witch who came from hell to ruin Nick’s life and to stole away your man. She’s thirsty, famewhore, bitch. Yup. 

Do you see how stupid, inmature, hatefult cunt are the people who think/act this way? 

Move on, the band is done. Don’t get your hopes up for a reunion anytime “”“”“soon”“”“”. Because we all know it won’t happen. We can pray for one in maybe 8 years or so? Honestly, NSYNC reuinted like 10 years after they broke up, so did BTB, so did Spice Girls… there’s a reason they broke up… They don’t want to do music together anymore. So, move the fuck on. Grow up. Go do something with your life than being an annoying twat to Nick because “he’s a band wrecker”… If you go outside, i promise you there are a lot of amazing stuff, heard about friends, family, school, jobs, traveling? 

Stop being annoying to Nick.  

Pinches perras. :)))) 

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