Jonas Brothers ruined my life

I'm not even joking. It's a fact. ~



This is why i love Joe Jonas, because he is the kind of guy that gonna stand up to let a girl that he just meet sit…  maybe he broke the heart of your favorite singer, but he is not a jerk, he is human, just like you, just like me,  and humans make mistakes

That’s a real man. That’s my man.


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i still cant believe what i heard yesterday. 

a little birdy told me that Joe got in a Fight with Trent…after all the personal questions people asked Trent about Joe being single or not. that was it. 

but of course our man Joseph was classy enough not to hit back. therefore that other dancer guy posted that tweet saying how he is weak and what not. & one of Trents friends posted this video on his facebook wall. 

now you can be the judge to say what happened im not making you believe anything. but all im saying is that picture of Joe’s eye….is not something he got from being tired…just saying. you can agree to disagree.

either way i want to say that im very proud of Joe for not fighting back. 

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